Blood Work Basics

Brief Blood Work Overview 

Spire – Notice of Privacy Practices  

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UPDATE:  7/15/2016
Any competitor that commits to an MMA match and fails to acquire proper blood work testing, forcing the Promoter to change the match to a K1 or drop the bout completely, will be suspended.
For this rule to take effect, the promoter/matchmaker must have proof the competitor agreed to an MMA match (i.e., text message, email, phone message).
1st Offense – 30 (thirty) days
2nd Offense – 60 (sixty) days
3rd Offense – 90 (ninety) days
4th Offense – Indefinite   

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 As of January 1, 2016, Athletes must provide a negative result for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C, and HIV, to Spire Sanctioning Alliance, LLC, before being allowed to compete on a Spire Sanctioned Event. It his HIGHLY recommended that athletes receive a copy of their results first. This way, in the event of a positive result, they are made aware first and can avoid letting anyone else know of their positive status. Please have results sent to: 

If screen shots are sent in, you MUST bring a copy of your test results to the Representative at weigh ins. Even if your lab tests are completed and screen shots emailed in, you are not cleared to fight until we have results in hand. It is highly recommended that you obtain a copy for yourself before sending a copy to Spire. In the event that your lab results are POSITIVE, you will be the only one to know. Please understand that we have an excellent Infectious Disease Specialist that has volunteered his time to anyone receiving a positive result. His information can be found on the home page. IF YOU ARE NOT THE ONE SUBMITTING YOUR BLOOD WORK, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure it has been received. Below are  options we have found for blood testing: 

Option 1: – $64 offers all Spire Sanctioning Alliance fighters 25% off their Combative Athlete Trio Test Panel. Just call in or use their Live Chat messenger and mention the Spire Sanctioning Alliance discount while ordering to receive 25% your blood testing. Labs are nationwide with testing available in StL, KC, Springfield, Rolla, and many citites in between. To find the lab nearest you, click HERE **You are responsible for getting results sent to us!! Visit to get your appointment set up! 

 Option 2:
Advanced Sports Lab – $79 *24 hour or less turn-around time on test results
*Results will be sent directly to us for you
*You will receive a reminder from ASL when your 1 year is about up, and will need to retest
*Click HERE for the nearest location. Fighters needing testing outside of MO, there are numerous locations for you too! Please      call Liz @ 1-888-340-4644 f0r the location nearest you. To get set up, you can:
Order online at or call Liz @ 1-888-340-4644. You will need to let them know that your blood test is for SPIRE MMA, not the MO STAC or Promotions (this way, results are sent straight to me) Payment is due at the time of scheduling, either by DEBIT or CREDIT card. No appointments are necessary.   

Option 3:
Econo Labs – $60  Visit Econo Labs to find a location near you. **You are responsible for getting results sent to us!! 

  Option 4:
Any Lab Test Now – $89

Locations: Chesterfield and Springfield
Payment Methods Accepted: CASH, DEBIT or CREDIT card due at the time of testing
Walk in Basis
Ask for the “Fighter Panel”
They will send your results to us for you.
(I realize it is $10 more and does not offer the perks that ASL offers, however, it does offer a CASH payment option for those that need it)   

Option 5:
Contact your local County Health Department. 

So far, I’ve been told: Greene County Healthy Department will do HIV testing for free, HepB for 20, but do not offer HepC. You will need to find another facility that offers HepC, and make sure results from each location are sent to us. Miller County Health Department will do it for $32.
2125 MO-52, Tuscumbia, MO 65082

(573) 369-2359 St Francois County Health Department will do all 3 for free . You can contact them at 573-431-1947 

If you have another location that will provide tests and results for HIV/HepB/HepC, please let me know and I will update this page with the locations. 

PLEASE REMEMBER that you are responsible for getting test results sent to us! You are not cleared to fight until we have a copy of your test results!  

 Please feel free to email me at or call/text 573-63-9819